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Pros and Cons of the Nicotine Patch

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Smoking has very many damaging effects to the body thus most smokers prefer the alternatives to smoking in order to still have the smoking feeling but avoid the health complications. Smoking alternatives enable smokers to gradually quit smoking by offering a substitute the usual smoking cigarette or pipe. The smoking alternatives are quite a few and they include e-cigarettes, e-pipes, inhalers and nicotine patches. Nicotine patches are a good example of smoking alternatives as it helps you to actually cut down the number of cigarettes that you take each and every day.


Nicotine patches have certain specification

in order for you to be able to use them. If you are trying to quit smoking and you have been unable to quit by using other methods then nicotine patches are a great way to achieve that. Nicotine patches can also help in reducing cravings of smoking especially while you are unable to smoke for example in a flight or at the office. There are various ways of how to use it. They come in different strengths hence when looking for the type you should use this all depends on the number of cigarettes that you usually consume in a day.


If you are a heavy smoker then for the first few weeks of using nicotine patches you will require the ones with stronger strength. Then after four to five weeks you can reduce the strength to a lower strength for about two weeks so as to gradually quit smoking then after the two weeks stop using them. The smokers who use a less number of cigarettes a day should use nicotine patches that are of medium strength first. The patches should be put on one at a time and take off the patch after about 16 hours and it is advisable to remove when you are about to sleep.


The nicotine patches although are beneficial to many smokers they also have disadvantages that also comes with using it. You are not to apply the nicotine patches on irritated or broken skin. Consult a doctor when you receive severe skin reaction or rashes, itching and sever redness after applying the nicotine patch. It should not be taken during pregnancy or while breast feeding. The side effects of nicotine patches include dizziness, vomiting headache, nausea, redness where application is made and abdominal discomfort. Very rare side effects involve irregular heart beats.


It is also not advisable to use them if you have recently suffered from a heart attack or chest pain or you are allergic to the any of the contents of the nicotine ingredients. With these specifications you are enabled to use the nicotine patch safely and be able to quit smoking gradually and completely.

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